31 May 2009

The Princess and The Pea

Found hidden in the various layers of my bed, upon trying to retire last night, by approximate descent:

  • two books
  • a car
  • Precious Frog (tiny bean-bag frog and close cousin of Precious Lizard)
  • four straws
  • tiny cache of gold sequins and multicoloured stars
  • a feather
Always an adventure.

24 May 2009

Me? Puerile?

One of the important bits of equipment for bookmaking is a section of animal bone polished into a lovely smooth stick. You use it to sharpen folds, score lines and the like, so everything is crisp. As you know, I love crisp. Now I have two lovely folders, one which looks almost like a burnisher, and one which is the more traditional shape. I'll probably file the trad one to an even pointier point for extra crispness.


One of the ladies in the bookmaking class kept calling the bone folder a boner. All the time. I'm suspecting that, as the youngest one in the class by a long, long, stadium-distance shot, it was totally lost on the rest of them, but me?



In other news, a few weeks ago I leapt into the deepish end and did a weekend workshop on conservation binding. As an almost rank beginner, I not only kept up but do believe my results were better than at least 50% of the class. Mind you, printmaking and woodworking experience helps a lot.

Upshot: It. Was. Really. Good.

Can't wait to do more, which is lucky, because will be doing a more basic course in a coupla weeks. Really dying to try hard casing but I suspect that will have to wait a little while. Only got so much money!