08 January 2009

and now, A Real Post.

so what is it that I want to be able to write about?

probably stuff that's of no particular relevance to many people. but that's fine. I'm still a bit uneasy with the public nature of blogs. part of me is just as much a peacock as everyone else out there...

but partly by nature and partly by circumstance, I'm not interested in being overly recognisable. just acknowledged, really, in the same way I think you want to be acknowledged every now and then. go on, admit it.

so, even if you know who I am, please call me Toasty.

or M'am if you prefer. I charge extra for M'am, but it's heaps more fun ;-)


  1. I know what you mean. It's nice when someone acknowledges your existence, even if it is a virtual one.
    Keep posting stories - I'll read em.

  2. Hi there Toasty! more posts to read, yay!

  3. Yeah. Basically we all want to have our say and if the forum of conversation is the blog you need somewhere to write to join in the conversation.

    No that I've found you, I'll keep an eye out for posts.