08 January 2009

no, really.

I gave up - that's how easily I can be stumped when it comes to Things Technofascist. I tried uploading two other very lovely templates but they both gave error messages. this will just have to do until I can bribe someone with pizza and alcohol to make things look prettier for me. or, you know, I decide to be a masochist for another couple of hours...

edit: also failing to be able to arrange things on the left hand side, just there. I've put them in the order I want them, but does it appear that way? noooo. pffft!


  1. I still haven't managed to beat my blogspot journal into a truly pleasantly formatted shape yet. http://thepapillonpantry.blogspot.com/

  2. I lurk around the papillonpantry, I'm surprised I haven't commented yet... you've still managed to whip it into a nice shape, even if it isn't what you want yet!