11 January 2010


Travelling up the Princes this arvo (as you do) I saw a sight for... well, I don't know what sort of eyes. If they were sore, I think this site would have made them sorer. Or perhaps water slightly.

Imagine a Very Hot Car, and by that, I mean some White Trash DoofMobile. LOTS of stickers on the back window, including a really big one of the steer with enormous horns that I always thought was a brand logo, but might, in fact, just be a single entendre. BIG chromilicious exhaust. And a GINORMOUS freaking mudguard - I say that in the singular because there was only one, big, wide, thick, long chunk of manhood,
I mean, mudguard. Another single entendre, methinks. It certainly dominated the design theme of Classic Yob.

But! Gentle Reader! That was not the icing on the cake.

The icing was three of these:



Rivetted onto the mudguard in a row.

Very, very shiny, distractingly glinting in the sun, polished with care - probably by the Classic Yob's girlfriend, if Classic Yob was in a good mood. I understand this to be the ritual through scientific observation - in the 70's, my brother's girlfriend was occasionally allowed to use the white crayon on the tyres of his Totally Hot Holden.

I wish I had've had a camera with me, but then, I was going 100k/h, so there's NO way I could have captured its unbridled glory.

I really hope those horseshoes bring him luck, otherwise, the owner just looks even more of a d!ckh34d, eh?


  1. Ahhh... clearly (at least from a country girl's perspective), what you are describing is a classic 'Aggie' or 'Rural' mobile and this car has it all - RM Williams logo, f**k-off mudflaps and I bet if you looked closer at the stickers, they all would have been B&S ball slogans.

    Man, I miss Australia.

  2. aHA - RMWilliams. I *knew* it was a logo, just couldn't think of it.

    yeah, well, it was down near the 'Gong, so most likely an Aggie off to provoke some Waxies, maybe? after all, it's so culturally diverse down there ;-)

  3. Maybe they were headed for 'The Big Smoke'?