14 February 2010

Episode VII: Return of the Nerd

So, you know, Wedge Antilles

or Boba Fett?

Depends on what kind of Star Wars dag you are, really.

Boba used to be my main street-cred minor character hero until Episodes I, II and III came out. You get to see what's behind the armour, and it's not disappointing (far from it, Temuera Morrison, yes please), but then the revelation - Boba is a Clone!? Damn. I could never love a clone. Unless he was a real spunk and brought his brother over and we all got drunk and... ahem. No, I could never love a clone.

Wedge is slightly nerdy-looking (although clean cut and fresh, and that ain't bad) but he's an ace X-wing pilot, and apparently the ladies love a pilot. Perhaps that's what pilots looked like in the 70's, I was too young to notice. He's such an ace that he knows how to negotiate very tight spaces, which you're allowed to misconstrue as a single entendre if you so desire. He also saves Lukes life once or twice in the mighty Death Star battles... but we won't hold that against him.

So, edgy bounty hunter Bob or clean-cut X-wing pilot Wedgie?

Edit: Wedgie was played by Denis Lawson, who's not only Scottish (bonus points), and the uncle of Ewan McGregor (bonus bonus points) but much spunkier when out from under the helmet and easily recognisable from UK telly. How did I not piece it together earlier? Mostly because I was presuming he was a Seppo. Ladies... we have a winner. Sorry Bob.

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