20 February 2010

I spy

with my little eye -

  • fake plaits in a shade I'll never be (way too light)
  • two pairs of barely worn happy shoes
  • my old school Mary Janes (yay)
  • another pair of sewing shears (yay again)
  • excessive quantities of useless white socks (puzzling)
  • a table mirror I had forgotten about
  • a couple of djellaba, which I find quite lovely but no-one else in our group seems to think so
  • two old camping frocks which are going to be pulled apart to make new ones at some point in the next decade
There's light at the bottom of the Wall O'Doomy Boxes. Actually, there's an old camping trunk with all this crud in it, but it's nearly the end of the slog I thought would go on forever. I wish I'd taken photos. Victory is just over there! It's having a nice cup of tea. Better reach it before the pot gets cold.

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